Food safety and mitigating the true cost of a recall or malicious product tamper incident are but a few of the services we at red24assist provide for companies and individuals across the globe.  We've been working in the food and product safety sectors for over a decade and our specialists are all leaders in their fields, offering unparalleled support in the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries among others.

red24assist's specialists can be made available immediately, assisting remotely if required or consulting in person within a company's crisis management team (CMT). Our multi-disciplinary team is there to enable companies to function efficiently throughout a crisis and to prevent crises from becoming reputational disasters, assisting the CMT throughout the incident and beyond.

Our continuum of services ranges from developing quality assurance systems and maintaining regulatory compliance, crisis media & public relations management to offering accredited training courses, crisis simulation exercises and auditing. 

For more on red24assist's proactive and responsive risk mitigation services, please view our Pre-incident and Crisis Management pages.