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Industry news highlights - June 2017

European Union

16 June: A multi-million-dollar project to boost food safety and prevent fraud between the EU and China has been launched by Queen’s University Belfast. Read.

19 June: The Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers has raised concerns that an increase in charges of meat inspections, planned by Food Standards Scotland, will threaten meat plants with closure. Read.

23 June: The European Food Safety Authority has looked at measures to ensure it is independent from its EU funding source and to ensure protection against the potential for improper influence. Read.

United States and Canada

6 June: A survey in Europe and the US revealed that 78 percent of merchants said their information systems can’t support the level of transparency demanded by consumers, while over 40 percent of suppliers believed it was more cost-effective to pay penalties for non-compliance than to update systems. Read.

12 June: Millions of pounds of food from several major brands are being recalled in the US and Canada due to a bread crumb supplier's labelling error. Read.

23 June: The US has banned imports of fresh beef from Brazil, citing health concerns, following the growing bribe scandal that included paying government inspectors to pass unsuitable beef. Read.

29 June: The 'Securing our Agriculture and Food Act' is expected to be signed into law in the US in the short-term. The bill aims to protect the food, agriculture and veterinary systems against terrorism. Read.

Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand

30 June: An international chocolate manufacturer halted production in Tasmania after becoming the victim of a cyberattack. Read.