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Industry news highlights - July 2017

European Union

18 July: The fraudulent use of horse meat was highlighted in two cases this month. In Spain, 65 people belonging to an organised crime syndicate were arrested for trading horse meat not fit for human consumption across Europe. Read. In the UK, two men were jailed for their role in supplying tonnes of horsemeat labelled as pure beef to the market. Read.

19 July: The UK’s Food Standard Agency has outlined plans for a fundamental change in the way the UK food and drink sector will be policed. Read.

22 July: New developments in the DNA barcoding of food will be a significant development against food fraud. Read.

United States and Canada

19 July: FDA Administrator discusses funding awards to states as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Read.

26 July: An outbreak of salmonella linked to papayas has infected almost 50 people, and resulted in one fatality, across 12 states. Read.

26 July: A second subpoena has been served to a nationwide US fast food chain, linked to an investigation over food safety concerns. Read.