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Industry news highlights - August 2017

European Union

4 August: The UK’s Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) has launched an interactive map that plots cattle disease across the country. Read.

18 August: New date label guidelines on food products in the UK are aimed at reducing food wastage and increasing consumer safety. However, this has not had an effect on possible prosecution, making manufacturers more cautious. Read.

22 August: A rise in food notifications in Europe in the second quarter of 2017 has been attributed to contaminated meat coming from Brazil. Read.

31 August: An estimated 700,000 eggs contaminated with an insecticide not approved for use on food-producing animals were imported into the UK, prompting the Food Standards Agency to order recalls of various affected food products made for major retailers. Read. Affected eggs were also recalled in Belgium, Holland and Germany. Read.

United States and Canada

30 August: large US retailer was ordered to pay a US$5.7-million civil penalty after knowingly selling and distributing previously recalled consumer products. Read.

30 August: US public health officials warned the public of dangers to food safety from flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, including the lack of refrigeration where power is lost and the potential of contamination from floodwaters. Read.

31 August: At least 200 people in the US have contracted salmonella from infected papayas. The victims are spread across 23 states. Read.